Even in the 21st century, a technological era characterised by the apparent triumph of rationality, people are still subject to emotional thinking. It is enough to see how our thoughts obey our emotions and arise out of them…

This realm of the emotions is the domain of the Moon, the Yesod of the Cabbala, which subverts our conscious intentions and leads us into a turmoil from which it is almost impossible to escape.

“Life is like surfing”, says Adriana. “We live in a collective ocean, with its own inevitable cycles and movements. The waves of the sea come and go independently of our will. But if you want to go surfing, you have the choice and the freedom to choose the appropriate moment. And doing it successfully depends on you – on your courage, your skill, your intelligence, your ability and your experience.”

In clear and engaging language accessible to all, this book offers a practical guide to tendencies that can be foreseen astrologically, in daily questions such as relationships, personal life, work, finances and health.

But those interested in an evolutionary perspective will also find images and archetypes to meditate on and work with, together with the lessons which each cycle offers in terms of self-knowledge.

In brief, the reader will find keys and suggestions providing inspiration for the management of daily life “by the light of the Moon”. It is vital for anyone who wishes to achieve a greater degree of mastery of life.