Kabbalah, the oral tradition of Hebrew wisdom, has long been a study reserved only for scholars.

It contains the Sacred Tree of Life or the Sephirothic Tree, which constitutes a cosmogonic model to understand creation. This is being shaped by 10 spheres, which are like stages to go through for the divine energy to descend from the purest levels of existence to the planes of the material world.

This same model is used as a process through which we can grow from total unconsciousness and the most primary instincts towards self-awareness and divine consciousness.Its intricate symbolic language, hidden for a long time, has thus been converted into a school of Esoteric Psychology that teaches happiness to mankind.


This book is a practical guide to support this process and formsthe result of many years of teachings and experimentation, which Adriana Wortman has developed in Spain and other parts of the world.

In addition to the theoretical foundation, various tools are being offered such as exercises, meditations, experiments, practices, which the reader can apply in the process of personal growth.