Taking lunations as its point of departure, this book offers a new approach to astrological predictions.

The New Moon or Lunation is the moment when the Sun and the Moon meet in the same degree of a sign of the zodiac, thereby setting a pattern for the whole cycle, which will last a month.

We know that the Moon exerts an enormous influence over the physical body, the emotions, the mind, relationships, energies, states of mind, health, even business. This influence is particularly powerful at the moment of the New Moon.

In this clear and accessibly written book we will find a precise reading of the energetic movements corresponding with each cycle, together with a systematic study that presents:

– a description of the pure qualities of the sign of the lunation

– a synthesis of the global map of the New Moon

– a key concept to guide you through each month

– specific orientation in the different aspects of life, including:

o work and finances

o relationships

o personal life

o health

o predisposition through the lunar phases, and significant dates

And for those who are interested in going beyond the personal and the immediate, we present three further sections:

– the path of Consciousness, with indications of the deeper lessons to be drawn from each moon

– images and archetypes that can be worked with and used for meditation

– personal observations, where you can take notes, as in a personal diary

In brief, a practical book that provides guidance with the help of astrological orientation, while at the same time offering keys for the management and development of your life.