Adriana has been giving courses and seminars in a variety of disciplines since 1977. She founded the Institute for Para-psychological Sciences in Mar del Plata, Argentina, where she worked as a teacher and researcher for 23 years.

Passionate self-taught, there she had the opportunity to become familiar with and study multiple aspects of human nature.

An engaging and communicative speaker, she has been interviewed on radio and television, as well as being invited to take part in a cycle of talks in the National University of Mar del Plata. Her professional experience includes the following themes and initiatives:


-        The study of conventional psychology relating to paranormal states


-       The investigation and systematic practice of energetic perception, techniques in the management and administration of energy, and a variety of healing systems.


-       The specialised study of Western and indigenous syncretism, and its relation to altered states of consciousness.


-       The implementation of a statistical investigation relating to astrological indicators of mental illness.


-       Starting in 1995, she trained in the methods of the School of Consciousness of Inner Alchemy, and subsequently joined its team of professionals in Brazil.


-       Since 2000 she has resided in Spain, where she founded the Centre for Inner Alchemy in Palma de Mallorca.


-       Based on her research and broad experience, Adriana Wortman created her own school combining Astrology, Transformation and Kabbalah, which multi-disciplinary methodology is being used in an original way, aimed at conscious development.


-       Currently she works independently, directing and coordinating her Center’s activities as a teacher and trainer.


-       She also carries out her work in a number of towns and cities in mainland Spain, South America and Portugal.


-       She has a regular astrology column in Athanor magazine, Barcelona.


-       Periodically she contributes a variety of articles to Namasté magazine, Mallorca, and to Verdemente, Madrid.

-       She recently created her own youtube channel.


-       Her publications include:


“A Lua Na Sua Vida – Guía Astrológico 2007 – 2008”, Ed. Pergminho, Portugal,

“Diálogo con la Luna”, Ed. Davinci Continental, España. 

“Astrología Kabbalah y Transformación” – Sincronía Editorial – España.

“Kabbalah y Desarrollo de la Conciencia” – Sincronía Editorial – España.